No Apologies – Building an Authentic Life and Business

Welcome to No Apologies! The new weekly video series where you get to go behind the scenes of what it takes to build a successful business and learn more about me  as well.  Got questions you want me to answer in future episodes?  Contact me via email or let me know on my facebook page.

Offer no apologies for how you live your life or run your business. In this kickoff episode I offer up no apologies.  With wit and bold honesty I’m here to set the stage for what will become a behind the scenes look at what it takes to go from corporate America to small business owner, succeed on your own terms, and peek behind the veil of what it is like to work with high-level mentors. Learn what it takes to build a successful business and have time to live the rest of your life as well.  Like what you’re hearing and seeing? Share this with your friends (click those handy buttons below!)

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  1. I love this 'No Apologies" series and will do something similar! It just sums up everything perfectly for me. Every time I introduce something to give me a little bit more personal space or time, I'm made to feel apologetic. Now they should fasten their seat belt for the ride! Many thanks for these.

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