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Create Breathing Space for Better Productivity & Peace of Mind

By Paula G | January 18, 2013

There is alBetter Productivity via Simplicitymost nothing more stressful than an overbooked schedule. Coming in a close second is a cluttered and disorganized physical environment. Combine the two together and you have the ingredients for chronic exhaustion. Yet, I would venture to say that most of us live in a constant state of over-promising (to ourselves, our families, clients, etc.) and feeling like we fall short. And because we are so overstretched, tending to our environment (mental and physical) takes a backseat because who has time to de-clutter?

The grand result of this crazy little merry-go-round is burnout. That “I just can’t take another thing!” state of mind. So, we come home, kick the dog, yell at our loved ones and do-do-do until we collapse and start the cycle again. Many times we are not even aware of what is really going on because the “situation normal” IS living on autopilot and wandering around exhausted.

What is the answer? It can be found in a little known art form called – the art of elimination.

Before you can really take the hedge trimmers to your schedule and surroundings, though, you have to become aware of what “reality” is looking like for you these days. Let’s start with your schedule.

Take a look at your schedule and your to-do list.

If so, it is like trying to put 120 pounds of air in a bike tire designed for 100 pounds of air. You keep pumping frantically until –  BANG!  The tire finally blows out (and scares the crap out of you). YOU are much the same way.

Let’s look at the solution to this common problem.

Inner awareness shifts you must make to get off the hamster wheel:

Now let’s look at some practical “can-do” solutions to creating space.

Don’t let creating some space be overwhelming to you — try a little bit of something a day. Even throwing out 10 things a day for 90 days can have a tremendous impact. Simply taking 20 minutes a day out of your schedule to be in silence or have downtime can leave you feeling more refreshed and renewed. Start with small steps and let the momentum build.

Your business, bottom line, and body – mind – spirit will thank you.


photo credit: Tjook via photopin cc

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One Response to “Create Breathing Space for Better Productivity & Peace of Mind”

  1. Coaching4Lesbians » The Answer is NOInspiring Lesbian Business Owners and Professionals to Achieve Success without Burnout and Compromise Says:

    [...] Last week I talked a little about Create Space to Reduce Stress. The only way to create space, especially in our overbooked schedules is to say that two letter word we fear so much – NO. Now, you don’t have to be rude or uncaring when you say no. Oftentimes I find when I work with women, they are afraid that the very act of saying no is rude. If anything, it is just the opposite because you are truly being honest and respecting yourself at the same time. The key is in the delivery. Simply, politely, and authentically tell someone no. You don’t need to explain or justify (well, maybe a little if the person asking is your boss), simply decline. If it is something you might like to do in the future, you can add “maybe next time I can do “x” because I would be interested, but the timing isn’t right for me.” [...]


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