Goals Don’t Grow Your Business; Systems and Habits Do

Habits and Systems Grow Your Business

There is no shortage of cheer-leading around setting BIG GOALS in business circles.

All that RAH RAH RAH-ing makes me tired.

I’m not a huge fan of goals, at least not as they are traditionally set. I’ve written about my philosophy of setting multidimensional goals on several occasions: like here and here.

The longer I live and run my business the more I have replaced goal setting with intentions and experimentation.  Here’s why…

Goals are external and by design make you feel “less than” while making you susceptible to going all-out towards one thing over which you have no control that may or may not happen. Typically neglecting other important parts of your life in the process.

Sounds like a picnic, right? [Read more…]

The 10 Commandments of Self-Employment

“Hi, my name is Paula and it has been 9 years since my last paycheck. “

I love to say those words.  I have now spent more years self-employed than I have spent at any other company I worked.

That blows my mind.

As I enter into my 10th year of business I bring you what I consider the 10 Commandments of business ownership.

The 10 Commandments of Self-Employment

Do Good Business

There is no such thing as a successful business built on the collateral damage done to your customers.  Churning and burning ‘em might give you a short-term income spike but it will never last. I want to sleep well at night knowing I did well by the people I come in contact with. You create a good business by doing good business.

Help people.

Stand behind your work.

Don’t nickel and dime people, but don’t sell yourself short either.

Create a Business You Enjoy

If you don’t enjoy your business, you’ve created your own version of employment hell. If you want to suffer, find a job you don’t like. It is much easier and you’ll have fewer details to worry about.

Bottom line is, if you don’t enjoy your business, you can’t enjoy your life. Conversely, even if you love your business there needs to be more to your life than just business.

That means you need to do something you enjoy and are skilled at with people you like and in a manner that supports you financially.  Skip any one of those elements and you’ll resent someone (or something). [Read more…]

Intentionality: Choose, Don’t React

I want to talk about the idea of intentionality. This means being at choice versus reacting. A lot of times people will say, “Well I couldn’t possibly take this day off or this time off. Or I couldn’t possibly carve out a few hours to work on my business instead of in my business because my clients need me.

Well they hopefully do need you and you still need to tame the distractions and create breathing spaces for working on your business and taking time off but you have to choose it. You have to intentionally make choices versus reacting.

For example, you can choose set times when you are going to check your email or you can check your email every time it buzzes and comes in and a client has a question. If you are firing off answers every time something happens on demand, the phone, the internet, the email…it’s going to be like a ping pong match that just keeps ramping up itself fueling a fire that never ever ends.

Whereas if you intentionally choose when you’re going to do what, to go with the rhythms of what’s going on in your life, with the rhythms of how you work best then all of a sudden, you start to see this ideal transformation of you being in control.

You being in charge in the driver seat of how you work and getting to those priorities that matter most for you. A lot of times people don’t know where to start or they just want to know that they have a friend in their corner and that’s why people partner with me. I help them get systems in place, have that moral support for making a big change. I offer really practical tools so you do not have to work so hard at it.

Listen below (~ 2 minutes)

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Two Truths and a Lie About Being Self-Employed

Two Truths and a Lie About Self-Employment

Sometimes truth can be as surprising as fiction. Like the time we played two truths and a lie in the “Table of Contents” restaurant at the divine bit of heaven known as the Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport, Oregon. The entire table (of people we had never met) was absolutely convinced my lie was that my father was principle of my high school (while I was attending it).

Buzz – Wrong! That was the truth (and a story for another time…)

Being self-employed is a bit like that.  Plot twists at every corner.

Here’s my twist on the game from the perspective of being in business for nine years (full-time) and four years of side-hustle.

Being Your Own Boss Can Be A Great Way to Design Your Life YOUR Way

When you call all the shots, you get to choose. That means you have decisions to make all day long every day about everything from how you price your services to where you will focus your attention for the next hour to get the greatest return.

You get to choose:

  • When you work
  • Where you work
  • How much you work
  • What work you do (or don’t do)
  • Who you work with
  • How you work
  • When you play
  • How often you play
  • Your earning potential and financial security
  • And more…

In the process you go through the biggest baptism by fire, hero’s journey, and personal/spiritual/mental/emotional growth spurt you never imagined. You just thought you were becoming part of the YOU economy because it sounded hip. Little did you know… [Read more…]

Currencies of Profit – It’s Not Just About Money [Business Flow Video]

In this episode of business flow, I talk a bit about currency and how money isn’t the only important currency to profit.

What do you think of the idea of multiple currencies running throughout our business and lives?  Comment below and share the post on your favorite social media outlets.

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