Comfortable in Your Own Skin Podcast with Julie Roads of Writing Roads LLC

Julie RoadsThis month’s podcast I am so happy to have Julie Roads of Writing Roads, LLC as my guest.  Julie and I met online a few years ago through the course of our individual blog posts and somehow just managed to keep connecting from there.  My heart always skips a beat when Julie has a new post because I know it’ll be fresh, honest, and worth reading. Not to mention I am always humbled to talk to other successful self-employed women.  It is not an easy gig folks but can be truly meaningful and worthwhile when it is right for YOU.  Now for a little more about Julie…

Julie Roads, founder of Writing Roads, LLC, is a professional marketing copywriter, speaker/workshopper and consultant with a specialty in web & blog writing and activating social media authentically to grow any business. She’s written for corporate outfits like Traveler’s Insurance and Greenfield Savings Bank, non-profits such as Tufts University and the Girl Scouts, incredible start-ups like Flexpaths and plenty of small businesses and one-person shops. Her writing has been featured on, Liz Strauss’ Successful Blog and Copyblogger. Julie is a huge supporter of the freelancer’s journey and has a free ebook and a One on One Intensive both called, How to Be a Successful Copywriter. You can read Julie’s blog at

During our chat we talk about some really great stuff…from what it takes to be a successful freelancer to how to cut yourself a break on the tough days.  If you need any reassurance that being your authentic self in all that you do – in your life, your business, and your social media activities, is the secret to success, look no further than this podcast.  Julie is a social media expert and writes at Soc Media 101 but her real expertise is on display when you follow her on Twitter and not just because she has a lot of followers (well in my book anyway, that “lots” is subject to relativity).  She engages authentically with people, provides great resources, carries on a real conversation with others, and shares the love with links, retweets, and a genuine caring and professionalism.

So – wait no longer, and dig into the podcast which runs approximately 35 minutes.

How to Prioritize When Everything is a Priority

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How to Prioritize When Everything is a Priority

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