Dr. Lisa Van Allen

Dr. Lisa Van Allen

“Working with Paula was so easy! She did an awesome job getting my site done, keeping me on track (which isn’t easy!), and exhibiting loads of kindness and support. She gets what we (as coaches, consultants, and speakers) do and what we want and need to promote our work. Can’t say enough positive about the experience of working with her! Paula, you rock!!! “

Dr. Lisa Van Allen The Biz Doctor

Cindy Diccianni

Cindy Diccianni

“My experience from the very beginning was so incredibly positive and streamlined. Paula explained every step, orchestrated the entire process, corresponded in and effective and professional manner and got the job done in record time. What a great experience and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about their business and their web development needs.

There is no need to shop around, Paula is the best!

Cindy Diccianni Diccianni Financial Group, Inc.

Hannelore Devlin

Hannelore Devlin

“Paula’s work on my website was way and above what I’d expected! Her expertise, finesse and friendly style made the work a pleasure instead of a chore.  The feedback I’ve received has all been positive and i am delighted by the website Paula developed for me.”

Hannelore Devlin Hannelore Healing

Marjorie Derven

“The Paula G Company is easy to work with, flexible and committed to high quality website design. I recommend them as a “go-to” resource for your website needs.”

Marjorie Derven Managing Partner, HUDSON Research & Consulting

Dr. Bill Morgan

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” I have found Paula to be great to work with. Not only does she have excellent technical skills and know-how, but she communicates in a way that a non-techie like me can understand and appreciate! I heartily recommend her to you.”

Dr. Bill Morgan Leadership Concepts

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